keeping it real disc 500

Verses 1 & 2
Flew in on a sunrise
Cruised a bumpy road
Found the hotel dreamy
Enthusiasm showed

Set out for adventure
Red and dusty path
Different temple structures
Relics of the past

Prechorus 1
We found the stairway
And reached the top
I took your hand
We didn’t look, we didn’t stop

Angkor, ancient cry
Angkor, mystical sigh
Angkor, city of old
Angkor, stories unfold
Angkor, faces smile
Angkor, make it worthwhile
Angkor, towers of stone
Angkor, never alone

Verses 3 & 4
Minds and muscles aching
On and on we went
Monkeys, beggars, sellers
Water heaven sent

Rocks and trees and bridges
Talismen of times
Finally we reached it
Overgrown with vines

Prechorus 2
We pushed harder
Left then right
Wiped the sweat
From our eyes


Avera hontu, Anigha hontu
Sukhi-attanam pariharantu

Verses 5 & 6
Centuries of wisdom
In the smokey air
Dedicated vessels
Beads and cloaks they wear

Do they see the future?
Wrapped in broken stones
Is it in their conscience?
Is it in their bones?


Find your desire
Find it here
Find a junction
Face your fear

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