Brain Snap

Brain Snap


Verse 1

You told me I was number one
And the sun shone out my eyes
Then, I broke up with you

Why did I do it? I don’t know
Something in me snapped
And caused me to break up with you

My heart and brain,
Aren’t aligned all the time
I can lurch, from on to off
And hot to cold
You deserve, better than this
I confess
So please, put your mind at ease
And let me go

Verse 2
You said I was the man of your dreams
And the answer to your prayers
Then, I broke up with you



The question is commitment
And the answer is I’m not ready
My brain is all over the place
And my insides just aren’t steady

I know I’m a fool
But I just have to stop
My self destructive nature
Has risen to the top


I am all alone, no fault but my own
My heart and brain maligned
Fighting all the time
Questions from my past, good times never last
I’m so hot and cold
Now I’m getting old
Sorry for my mouth, try to shut it out
You don’t need this mess
My intentions were the best
But for your dignity, please begone with me
Better you can do
To yourself be true


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