Distance Loving

Distance Loving

Verses 1 & 2
What did I find, what did I see?
A notification,
blinking at me.
I need to respond, to that girl of mine

Is she ok? Is she upset?
Did I say something
I’ll live to regret?
I better check what I wrote last night

Each day we’re trying
To build something strong
Making a future
Where we both belong
Ignoring the distance
Bridging the gap
Navigating without a map

I can see your face, but you’re so far away
Distance loving

Picture me there, ignoring the delay
Distance love

Verse 3 & 4
Using emojis
Adding the feels
Sending pictures
Of my meals
Doing the normal
Linking up each day

Loving her madly
Missing her bad
Sharing moments
The good and the bad
I’m glad I found her
I’m glad I’m here right now

Oh no, I’ve had the sound turned off
and there’s like 15 new messages.
Her mind is going to start doing cartwheels.
How am I going to explain
that it wasn’t deliberate,
it was just a quirk
societal needs
technological enhancement.

Once the panic subsides
or perhaps the anger,
we will rebuild
to our place of stability.
Safe in the knowledge
we are
once again,


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