Give Me A Coffee II

Give Me A Coffee - L.A. Mix

Verse 1
Not every night’s a late one
But early ain’t my thing
I’m burning the candle at both ends
And my eyes have darkened rings

I’m not saying its a good life
I’m sagging after noon
But give me a shot of white and one
And I’m playin’ a different tune

Give me a coffee
So I can face the day
I really need that caffeine hit
With-out too much de-lay
Give me a coffee
Cappuccino or la-ttttté
I really need that caffeine hit
This I gotta say

Verse 2
C O double F double E
Sharpens up my mind
Snaps my brain to attention
And makes me run on time

I’m not saying it’s a good choice
I’m going to bed too late
So put the kettle on and it won’t be long
Til I’m in a better state




I really need that caffeine hit
Really want that caffeine hit
Gotta get that caffeine hit
Without too much delay

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