Rock It

Rock It

Verses 1 & 2
City nights and country nights
Are the same to me
Gotta make your own way of copin’
With our drudgery

It doesn’t matter if you live in London
or Los Angeles
Every place has its own kinda boredom
Even gay Paris

You gotta make it happen
You know it’s up to you
You gotta make it happen
I know what we can do

We’re gonna rock it
Gonna shake it
Gonna get down don’t mistake it
We’re gonna rock it all night and
Get into the groove

We’re gonna live it
Gonna feel it
Baby don’t you conceal it
We’re gonna rock it tonight
Just me and you

Verses 3 & 4
In this age of wireless affinity
You can feel alone
It’s easy to slide into disrepair
Like a lawn unmown

Give your mind a holiday
Change your routine around
Buy those tickets to that show
Go out on the town



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