Rock ‘N’ Roll Resurrection

Rock 'N' Roll Resurrection

Verses 1 & 2

They told us that rock was dead

And buried in a grave

That pumping fists and concert mists

Weren’t able to be saved


They said take down your posters

of Sabbath, Queen and KISS

Throw out your antique records

The future’s not made for this



But they were wrong, so wrong, to doubt our song

But they were wrong, so wrong, to doubt our song



Rock N Roll Resurrection

Making electrified connection

Let drum and bass pound

with a guitar sound

Let’s start an insurrection, baby


Verses 3 & 4

Don’t tell us not to play those 12 bar blues

They’re always in my head

I pick up a guitar to strum some pop

But I chugga chugga chug instead


We wear leather, jeans and patches

And every shade of black

Our merchandise comes from hell

And we ain’t giving it back





Now you might not play us on your radio

Or put us on your TV show

But the spirit of the rock and the rhythm of roll

Forever echoes in our souls




© Crimson Discord 2021