School of Knocks

School of Knocks

Verses 1 & 2
Broken light switch in my room
Broken dreams in my head
Living a no money nightmare
That comes to me in my bed

Dealing with my heart
Dealing with my mind
Getting up after falling down
Investing in the grind

Can you tell me now
How you stay so cool
Can you tell me now
Did you learn it all in school

School of knocks, damn single socks
Ride the Rollercoaster
School of knocks, breaking rocks
See my face on a wanted poster
From the day that we’re born
We’re all enrolled (yes we are)
Livin’ and lovin’
Til we’re old

Verses 3 & 4
In the unemployment queue
Surviving week to week
My self-respect on life support
Turn the other cheek

Gotta keep my head up
Try another way
My success will heal me
If it can see the day



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