Stupid Me, Stupid You

Stupid Me, Stupid You

keeping it real disc 500

It started off fine, it started off well

But soon my life was living hell

Love can be hard, love can be soft

But sometimes a win is a loss


I should have looked, should have waited

Then my interest might have abated

Your revenge was cold, I was alone

My face was lost and so was my home



Stupid me, stupid you

Look at what we’ve put ourselves through

Shame on me, shame on you

Close the door and bid adieu


So I’m here, so you’re there

I’m over you and I don’t really care

Why did you bother, with such a bad match?

What did you really want?

What was the catch?


Such a charade, you hid the truth

I searched in vain to find some proof

You repackaged facts, mislead the witness

Falsified stories like nobody’s business



And through it all, others got burned

Innocent people, hurt by your charms 

Switching so quickly, losing your mind

I only wish I had taken my time


So shut the book, delete the files

Lose the façade, lose the fake smiles

I hope you’re happy, breaking us all

Making us lose, making us fall


© Crimson Discord 2018