The Stage

The Stage

Verse 1
I stand at the crossroads
While the traffic of life goes by
To and fro providing me with choices

Back home in my kitchen
I stare at the clock on the wall
I note the ticks and think of voices

Like a swinging door, my mind is ajar, but
Repeat offenses, have consequences
So keep the status quo, do what you know

Break the ice, turn the wheel
Let me know, how you feel
Bonded in transparency
I see you and you see me

Turn the key to your heart
Let the transformation start
From the beast within the cage
To your place upon the stage

Verse 2
Engaged at my workplace
My mind full of emptiness
I find identity in my actions
Driving my car round
Stopping at lights, stopping to think
Grimacing at words and satisfactions

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