Winning My Mind’s Debate

Winning My Mind's Debate

I don’t want to speculate
On things that I don’t know about
The things my mind tells me,
they’re wrong, so wrong, so wrong

And I wouldn’t hesitate
To tell you when I’m feeling lost
‘Cause bringing out all the fears
Seems to help, help me, help me

Sometimes I’m weak and I
Just want to lose but
The voice inside me cries wait
Then I hold off the move
Thinking of better ways
Of winning my mind’s debate

Don’t you write me off early
Don’t give up on me
Don’t expect sudden changes
But I’m up, for the fight, for the fight

Oh snap, down I go,
Gave in, let go, lost my mojo
Couldn’t decide, and I didn’t want to try
My motivation’s lost its steam,
My nightmares have replaced my dreams
But still, where there’s life, there’s hope

So when people don’t get me
That’s ok, I do, I do

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