So what’s up, really?

As of today, more than a month and a half has gone since we released our latest single, Eve of Destruction, which was recieved quite well, thanks to all of our listeners. There has not been a lot of communications from us, which might be unfortunate, but there are reasons for our relative silence.

First of all, there’s been christmas and new year’s holidays, a time when we allowed ourselves some well deserved rest and recreation after the weird year that was 2020.

Secondly, we are working on new material. We are also working on a new release schedule for 2021, where you can expect a more regular stream of releases from Crimson Discord. Well, assuming there are no snags, like Covid-19 infection, or some other unforeseeable mishap.

Our next single will be released everywhere on Friday, February 12th. More details on it later, let me just say it’s a rocking tune about life, and how for each one of us our path is individual and no matter what we do… our own story is our own story… for good or bad or ugly.

Anyway, we will try to be more consistent in reporting what’s happening with our favourite pop orchestra, Crimson Discord. That’s partly why this blog is started.

Oh, and let us know if you have any questions. You will find us on our web site, and of course on the usual social media platforms:

Rock on!