The birth of a Crimson Disc song

In Crimson Disc, we have a few issues to deal with, as any other band does, of course. One major issue is the geographical separation of our members, with Cam living in Australia and me living in Sweden. This simple fact rules out one of the best ways to develop a song in a band – jamming together. So, how do we do it?

First of all, all music comes from both of us, while lyrics comes from Cam exclusively. No wonder, really, he’s the one supposed to sing it, right? The basic musical idea of a song may come from one of us, but we cooperate to finalize each song, adding and changing stuff as we go along, and so far there’s not been a single song where we haven’t both contributed musically.

An idea, when we start working on it, can be anything from a really quick soundclip uploaded to our shared cloud drive, to an almost complete song recorded in Cubase. When both of us agree that it’s an idea worth working on, it gets a Drive folder of its own, and works starts in earnest.

All vocals are recorded by Cam, in Oz. Most music is recorded here in Sweden, by me, and sometimes by mCode Anderson of the machine messiahs (solo guitars). Sometimes Cam records keyboards, guitars etc. So, we discuss the ideas over Messenger, and then we iterate versions of them until we’re both satisfied it’s a song ready to be presented to the world..

Let me give you an example, using our upcoming single “The Stage” (be sure to presave it). In January 2019, Cam uploaded an mp3 with a recording of him playing an electric guitar and singing along. With the upload, a document was included. It contained the chord progression and a first version of the lyrics to this new song called “Open Up”. When we finally submitted the song to our distributor in January, it was the 51st version of it, renamed “The Stage” during 2020.

51 iterations is about an average amount in the song creation process of Crimson Disc. Anyway, “The Stage” drops in just about every concievable store on Friday, February 12th. Don’t miss it!

Let us know if you have any questions. You will find us on our web site, and of course on the usual social media platforms:


Rock on!