School of Knocks

Faces only their mothers could love

Hi, Cam here, Wolf has been pestering me to blog something, so look out world, here we go!

Our next song, coming out on March 11/12 [depending on Spotify’s quirks] is named School of Knocks. It’s another rocker [well when they happen, we love ’em] that features some tight harmonies and gnarly guitar sounds.

It’s a song about struggling, most people do not have an easy path to success and sometimes we make things harder than they need to be through our inaction and/or stupidity. Having been at times unemployed or low on cash and facing those reflective times myself, I tried to channel some of the despair, but also focus on the ‘try something new until things happen’ approach.

Former Australian cricket captain Steve Waugh wrote a book entitled ‘The Meaning of Luck”. In it he has this quote which I believe is a great angle to look from:

“It is true that some players, people and teams appear to be luckier than others, but I’m sure that most times – maybe nine times out of ten – they earn their good luck. It actually doesn’t come from chance, but through planning, experience, common sense, intuition, courage and good old-fashioned hard work. I do think luck, good and bad, can become a habit. As you earn good luck or are punished by bad luck, you come to expect it and begin to believe in it. Based on what I’ve seen in sport, business and charity, if you make the most of what you’ve got by preparing the right way and sustaining the right attitude, then you’ll get lucky more often than not.”

-Steve Waugh, “The Meaning of Luck”,, 2013

So echoing Steve, I just want people to know and believe that there are answers to their problems, that they can change their lives, that their hard work can pay off and that ‘better’ is around the corner if they persist and try different and new things. Examine all options without prejudice, throw out preconceived ideas, test things and go for it without fear of failing. There is no change without change.

As for the ‘see my face on a wanted poster’ line… well I guess there have been a few times that I felt that people wanted to get me! In fact, most of my life! And *most* of it has been my fault, haha! Wolf here, is my latest accomplice 😀

School of Knocks will be released this Friday on all major digital platforms, so please click the link to presave it on Spotify.

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Peace and change for the better!